Our Mission is Simple:

Since opening the doors in 1997, the Partners of Rockwood Capital Advisors have dedicated ourselves to building an investment management organization focused on serving the specialized needs of our clients. As the Rockwood name symbolizes, our commitment to clients – solid and enduring – is the foundation for building long-term relationships of trust – our most valued asset!


Fixed Income Strategies

Rockwood Capital was built on the belief that high-quality bonds should be the foundation of one’s investment program. Managing risk and identifying value are essential elements of our disciplined approach and deeply embedded in our investment strategies.

fixed income

Equity Strategies

Equity Strategies

Rockwood Capital offers a passive equity strategy based on the age old belief that passive management out-preforms active, particularly net of fees, over long periods of time.  Our strategy is deeply rooted in decades of fact-based research providing diversification and results to meet our clients’ objectives.


Experienced Investment Advisors

Rockwood Capital Advisors opens its doors as an SEC-registered investment adviser, specializing in the management of Fixed Income for
institutional clients.

High Quality Investment Advisor

Rockwood adds Equity Management to its arsenal of services.

Professional Management

Rockwood retained St. Louis-based Buckingham Advisors as a sub-advisor, providing research and advisory services, including access to an extensive, low-cost family of passively managed, asset class mutual funds.